Whitegate is a niche (chef-driven) event planner / coordinator / director / designer.

We are based in Denver and work internationally. 

What are each of those things?

Chef-driven: high-quality food and beverage

Event: a gathering of people around a common idea.

A planner sees the event in the blueprints. Venue walk-throughs, scheduling, selecting and ordering food, beverage, chef equipment, tables, light, music, shelter 

A co-ordinator is the communications head. Guest, chef, and staff co-ordination. Emails, lots of emails. Phone calls. 

A director is on scene, keeping the event on the rails. A coach, manager of volunteers and chefs. A tracker of time to cue and remind, a food and beverage quantities tracker. Reinforcement ultimately - leaping in and doing whatever is necessary so that the show goes on.

The designer has ethics and dreams. What could an event be or do? They pass their idea to the planner, and the planner to the co-ordinator, the co-ordinator to the director, and the director waves the wand. 

Whitegate does any of that, and seems to draw the most joy from doing all of that.