"Lara oversaw hospitality for the Chefs Collaborative Awards Luncheon held outdoors, under tents at The Chautauqua Institution in Boulder, CO.  This entailed managing an all-volunteer service staff for 250+ guests, including prominent chefs and culinary leaders from across the country, and coordinating with 10+ guest chefs cooking outdoors.  The success of this Awards Luncheon was one of the highlights of our 6th Annual Summit." 

- Sara Brito
 Former Executive Director, Chefs Collaborative
 Co-Founder | CEO, Good Food 100 Restaurants 


Denver Eater - Lara Vann-Dagenhardt of the Post: Fried Chicken & Crying July 22, 2014

Denver Eater - Lara Vann-Dagenhardt of the Post: Fried Chicken & Crying July 22, 2014


"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Lara over the years. She never fails to deliver. She exudes professionalism while remaining down to earth and relaxed even in stressful situations. She’s a hard working problem solver, a great event planner, and a capable cohort with whom to design and execute whatever meeting/event/celebration you need. Just a joy to work with."

- Helen Forster
  Co-Host/Executive Producer
  eTown  |  Music • Ideas • Community



"Lara supported the launch of Slow Food Nations in Denver in July 2017, which brought together over 25,000 people for a first year festival in celebration of good, clean and fair food. She specifically supported the Delegate Summit which gathered over 500 food leaders from around the world for a day of talks and discussion related to good food. She also coordinated over 200 volunteers who supported the public-facing festival, which included multiple venues in downtown Denver. Lara is a pleasure to work with, and brings a high level of professionalism, maturity, and attention to detail to her work. She remains calm and focused even under moments of stress and uncertainty. She is someone I would choose to have on my team, and I look forward to working with her again!"

-Krista Roberts Event Director, Slow Food Nations