Growe Foundation

The Growe Foundation hosts an annual fundraiser whose proceeds go to experimental learning gardens in Boulder County.

They want to create healthier children, schools, and communities by teaching the benefits of healthy eating and environmental stewardship.


2017 - 2018

Once farm-to-table dinners that were hosted all year, the Growe Foundation’s fundraising efforts have transformed into one big Savor and Sample Gala, an event that aligns with Whitegate’s principal niche: chef-driven events with roots in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Food &



Our job was to figure out what our partners were cooking and crafting and what was needed to make that happen.


We petitioned and brought in about ten food and beverage partners, all requiring a Memorandum of Understanding, Certificates of Insurance, and as importantly, a concept. Sponsorships like Tundra Restaurant Supplies and Growers Organic were recruited. The beverage program was built on donations.

We did the venue walkthrough, wrote a run of show, made an agenda, got rentals, compostables, and made sure things ran smoothly, day of.

The gala featured three hundred bites and a variety of beverages from Colorado-local spots like Corrida, River and Woods, and Avery Brewing, as well as an entertaining live auction and similarly live music.

Given that all of the veggies were donated, a lot of surprise was in store for both the attendees and the craftsfolk who put the event together—magic like the Unbeetable Margharita, a violet combo of fresh beets and Suerte Tequila—happens when you pull all of your ingredients out of a hat.

Four and a half gallons later…

A great cause and a great evening.